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Pressit Refillable Perfume Atomiser Spray Bottle

  • refillable travel perfume atomiser
  • spill-free, leak-proof
  • easy pump-to-fill
  • safe, tough and aircraft approved
  • use your fragrance anywhere

Fragrance bottles are bulky, heavy and fragile. They are awkward to carry and are made of fragile glass. Pressit’s refillable fragrance atomisers are finger sized, light and tough. Easy to carry, they contain no glass. Pressit does not require a funnel, there is no need to take it apart to refill it, and it’s leak-proof. It refills directly from a standard perfume bottle. Just pump to fill, and refill in seconds.

Durable and scratch resistant, Pressit contains no dangerous glass. It is TSA aircraft approved, and can go witih you in-flight.
Pressit is perfect whenever you need to freshen up. Use it in the nightclub, before business meetings, at the gym or when commuting and travelling.

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