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The links below take you to some the world's largest and most popular DVD cover downloads sites. The free covers available allow you to make perfect DVD movie covers using a PressIt DVD cover insert, a scan of the original movie cover art, and free exPressIt DVD cover design software.

DVD Covers Download Sites (CC Covers / Covers CC)
A great site for DVD Film covers. The CD/DVD covers images are perfect quality, and it's fast and easy. Here are simple instructions on Printing DVD Covers from, as it is so popular.
Over 3 million covers, well categorised and quick, covering music, Bollywood, games, video CD, Karaoke.. you name it, it's here.
Just type the name of a CD, or the name of a singer or artist and will find the CD covers in seconds. Same with DVD's, just type the name of a movie or the name of an actor and will have the covers in seconds. Easy and quick.
To use their free service simply enter the name of the CD or artist you're looking for. Same with DVD's, just enter the name of the movie or an actor!
Top hits music albums - Find that mp3 music album and dvd sleeve and video games or music cover for your mp3 music and music cd cover downloads.
MegaSearch claims to be the largest covers search engine on the net with over 2 million DVD and audio cd covers. Their covers database is constantly updated. Available in 8 different languages, and categorised for simplicity. Database searches up to 450 other sites.

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